Head-To-Head Analyzing Biden And Trump Across 10 Dimensions By Ratethem21, LLC

United States, 24th Feb 2024, King NewsWireA new book: Rate the Presidents, Part I: Compare Biden and Trump on 10 Dimensions, gives readers 10 opportunities to rate and compare President Biden and Former President Trump. The book is now available at Amazon, in Kindle and paperback editions—just in time for the 2024 Presidential Primaries.

Would you like to feel that you are well-prepared to vote in 2024? This short book, with a unique approach, has less than 150 pages, but provides the key actions taken by both men that will help you to compare them fairly.  Then you rate them.  Did they advance the interests of the United States of America, and all of its people? Some of our people?

Were both Presidents good role models for our children? Did they demonstrate presidential character? These and various other “measures” of competency guide you to fairly rate our two most recent presidents. Tom Truth tells a brief story of our country in an easy-to-read, fact-filled expose of both presidencies.  Also included are the efforts of various other U.S. Presidents, as they relate to our Constitution in the first 10 Dimensions, in Part I.

Part I of the book provides an honest look at both men, from over 100 sources of “hate-free” news sources on TV, Radio, and the print media. All of the sources that are used provide verifiable, and truthful reports. The book meets a growing niche in the market for independent journalism and is thoroughly researched and cited. What were the decisions made by President Biden and former President Trump during the Covid-19 pandemic? Did they trust the experts? Or did they “make stuff up”?

While reading, you will have 10 opportunities to review the key Executive Orders issued by both men, as well as the laws that each President signed into law, as described in Part I of this book. You are urged to update your own internet fact-checking while you read, before rating them, since the actions of both men appear in the news every day. A lot can happen in the next 5 months.

At the end of each chapter, you will rate both Presidents, on one competency, using the common 5-star rating system.  You will be able to rate our two most recent presidents, and their respective competency in the first ten critical dimensions of the presidency, as described in Part I of the book.  Part II of Rate the Presidents will include 11 additional Dimensions and their related competencies.  It is anticipated for publication in the spring of 2024.

Rate the Presidents, Part I: Compare Biden and Trump on 10 Dimensions, is available now at Amazon.com  in paperback for $19.95, and on Kindle for $4.99.

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