Una Denver

Una Denver was a professor of Science as well. But her hobby is writing so she builds up her career in writing. She lives in Chicago. Now she is works as a news writer .

Michael Boyd

Michael  is an American writer and good translator. he has translated over fifty books from French.  Boyd was a corporate lawyer specialising in global banking regulation 

Helen Jacob

Helen Jacob is a literature author. He was born in Chicago. Alex passion is writing news articles. He is a teacher of high school. Her Mother is Manager and father is an Artist.

Rita Brealey

Rita Brealey was born and spent most of her life at US, the city that forms the background against which most of her stories take place.

Abigail Carvalio

Abigail Carvalio is probably best known for his writing skill, which was adapted news articles. He is a teacher of high school. He writes books and news articles side by side.