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Squid Game has assumed control over the world, as individuals play ‘Red Light, Green light,’ and attempt to make the dalgona candy. The South Korean show has basically captured the main spot on Netflix and the wild achievement is reviving.

Nonetheless, the subject of dangerous games is not really a unique idea. We’ve seen a great deal of it previously, yet something about a fight royale appears to stir the group into a furor. Squid Game is the same.

In the event that you had fun and are regretting concerning how it had just nine scenes, don’t surrender. This rundown is loaded with shows and motion pictures that have a similar energy as Squid Game.

1. The Hunger Games

In case it is the oppressed world you’re searching for, the Hunger Games series is one of the most adored books just as films regarding the matter. These motion pictures additionally assumed a significant part in Jennifer Lawrence’s superstardom and left a permanent imprint in mainstream society. You can watch this on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Alice In Borderland

This Japanese spine chiller series on Netflix probably won’t have earned a similar measure of following as Squid Game, yet it is just as incredible and intriguing! The reason is scarily comparable and the energy is only something very similar. While the visuals of Squid Game are more with regards to pastels, Alice In Borderland takes it up an indent, wandering into the dim and foul domain.

3. Re: Mind

This Japanese spine chiller is additionally somewhat new to the web, and has a similar feeling of slow and rotting criticalness and fear that Squid Game initiates in individuals. The show follows secondary school schoolmates who awaken at an eating table and should settle the conundrum of why every one of them are vanishing individually! Watch it on Netflix.


You may have seen, or if nothing else knew about, this German show on Netflix which shocked a many individuals when it previously delivered a couple of years prior. The main worldwide series on Netflix, Dark utilized splendid characters, confounded science fiction, and an inconspicuous inclination of dread.

5. 3%

Life isn’t in every case reasonable or just, and this Brazilian show briefly depicts the hazards of living in a tragic culture. Battling issues of force, class, and beginning, this show follows nearly long term olds as they battle among neediness and endurance. You can watch this on Netflix.

6.Black Mirror

This is the conspicuous equal one draws subsequent to watching Squid Game. While the oppressed world in Netflix’s Black Mirror is a result of innovation, the one in Squid Game is straightforwardly brought about by cash. The astonishment, awfulness, and disclosure are something similar in both.

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